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Initial data collection has concluded for residential properties, but we will continue to do appointments and field checks as needed.

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Welcome to the Town of North Salem Reassessment Information Portal

The Town of North Salem is preparing to begin the process of conducting a town-wide reassessment program.  The Town Board has contracted with Tyler Technologies to carry out this assignment.

This program will produce a fair, full market value of every property in the Town for the 2017 Assessment Roll which will be used to create tax bills beginning in April of 2018.  The reassessment will result in an improved understanding of the process, reduce the need for assessments to be appealed over time, and reduce property tax refunds. This process is revenue neutral and its purpose is not to increase the total amount of taxes collected.  The function of this process is to ensure that all property assessments are fair and equitable.  The procedure will create greater transparency and equity to the assessment process for the first time since 1974.

Tyler will begin with the data collection process, then valuation, followed by informal reviews and finally formal appeals.  Property owners will be notified at various stages during the project and there will be opportunities to provide their input.

View this portal frequently as it will keep you aware of the reassessment project’s progress as well as the public meeting schedules and locations. Informational notifications will be sent out by Tyler throughout the project and we ask that property owners stay attentive to all media.  

Please help us with your cooperation in this endeavor.  Your support is essential to generate a successful reassessment for all taxpayers.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Assessor or Tyler Technologies with any questions or concerns you may have.

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